So close to some sort of finish line

I had an assignment to write a 15 page paper. Originally she said 15-20, so I guess it’s okay that I wrote 21 pages. Eesh. Counting the cover, table of contents, graphs at the end, and works cited it is 38 pages long. I don’t think I’ve ever produced anything this long. At least not in one go.

So that’s what I’ve been doing all week. It was rough. There was a lot of sitting on the couch. The part where I had to add in the in-text citations was the worst, and halfway through I realized that I hadn’t been outside in 3 days, so I got up and went to the back yard and juggled for a bit. That helped.

Now I’m putting off studying chemistry, which is tomorrow afternoon. It’s not cumulative and the topics are fairly easy, but I just have no will to care anymore. Trying to summon enough to work through some problems tonight and put together a cheat sheet.

That’s pretty much it. In three days I’ll be done with this semester and I can go outside and enjoy it and and start freaking out about precalculus this summer and moving to Syracuse and starting all new awesome classes. So that’s a few things to look forward to at the end of this final push.


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