Full blown summer cold. Complete with a heavy head of full sinuses. But! Two of my finals are done! I’m taking 5 classes and two of them had official lab tests, so it is nice to have the labs out of the way. The last three semesters it has somehow wound up that most of my finals are on the same day. Not this time! Finally, they’re spread out enough that I don’t have to study for them all at the same time. Today is about my Environmental Science Paper, and thursday is studying for that test. Friday is the test and then relaxing some. The weekend is for Chemistry and Statistics, which are on monday. Tuesday is for Anatomy and Physiology which happens wednesday morning, and then the rest of wednesday is studying for Ecology on thursday.. NOT THAT ANYONE ELSE NEEDS TO KNOW THE DETAILS. But I’m just so pleased at how it’s all paced out.

The weather is absolutely beautiful today. After the last week of sweltery and stormy, it’s nice to have a day of non humid warmness with sunshine. It’s too bad I have to bang out this paper today, and that I’m sick, but I can still enjoy it and I may take the cats on a field trip at some point.

And now it’s time to write another 8 pages and then edit t into something readable.


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