Spring cleaning usually leads to procrasticooking

What a lovely week off. It turned out differently than I planned, but still good. Unfortunately, the biggest difference has been the lack of outdoorsness, boooo. But the weather is still in that half-winter-but-maybe-I’ll-smell-like-spring-but-oh-wait-it’s-still-too-cold-to-leave-out-some-sort-of-heavy-jacket type thing. It fools me and then I go outside underdressed and shiver the whole time. I still have two days off, so perhaps an adventure will happen tomorrow.

What I did do with my free time- Cleaned! It may not really feel like spring yet, but the spring cleaning urge hit, and hit hard. I cleaned my room, a whole semester of not having enough time to find the laundry bag and not having a real trash can in my room and having two sheddy cats and letting my books pile up around me. It took all day. The big project that I finally got to was my books. My old room was much bigger and I had a whole wall of my four bookshelves, plus a half tall shelf in the living room. In my “new” (we’ve lived here about 20 months) apartment, I only have room for two full sized shelves in my room, and a half tall int he living room. When we moved in, I culled through and picked out the books I would want to read, reread, and refer to and shelved them. Everything else went into semi-orderly stacks next to my bed. I finally went through all of those, found about 50 that I didn’t feel the need to reread, or just didn’t like and didn’t want to keep, and bagged them to donate somewhere (probably Housing Works) and the rest I put in boxes and hauled up to John’s attic. I should write a post soon about the whole separate bedrooms and why and how that works for us. Perhaps tomorrow. After the adventure.

I also took all of my laundry to get washed. I know dropping off laundry is a luxury, and I’m tight on money right now, but I’ve been putting off laundry for SO LONG that between (almost all of) my clothes, two sets of sheets and duvet covers, blankets, towels, it was 67 pounds. I filled my laundry bag, my duffle bag that I use for laundry, and John’s laundry bag. This makes me feel extravagant and rich, having more laundry that I can carry (well. If it were in one container that wasn’t unwieldy I could do it. But three lumpy slippery ones was not happening). And while I do have more clothes than I need, a significant portion was towels and bedding. Still. American excess and luxury! Cue feelings of guilt and decadence!

Anyway. Because of the laundry, I still haven’t finished my room. I got the laundry all back and unpacked it into piles that need to be put in drawers (and probably I should do a clothing cull and donate things as well) and now that my desk is clear and usable I dragged all my school books in from the living room (which I also cleaned on another day) and now I need to do some more bookshelf rearranging. I’ve lost a little bit of steam on all this, though, so I think for the moment I am going to avoid it, and instead make this amazing-sounding spaghetti  as adapted by the always entertaining Lauren. Perhaps after that I’ll feel ready to face my room again. And the cats will be woken up enough that I won’t disturb them by making the bed, aka ruining their sleeping hollow.


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