Procrastination Central!

The more I have to do, the more I put it off. At least, that’s the theme this week. I am also burned out on school, and have had a week long break between class last thursday and my classes tomorrow. I should have been working on all kinds of papers and presentations during that time, but….

Fortunately the rest of what I have to do is due friday. Unfortunately it’s the main bulk. So, I’ll be buried under that and probably won’t pop back up here until saturday. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with my favorite new website-

It’s kind of the best thing ever, I think.

Also, random anatomy fact- that tiny little hole in the corner of your eye? Not your tear duct! Your tear ducts are on the upper outer edge of your eyelid, and wash across and down your eye, towards your nose, and that hole, which is actually the naso-lacrimal duct- it drains into your nose. That’s why your nose runs when you cry. Crazy, right?


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