Clearly, he’s walking on marbles

Fashion, it appears, is over. Hooray! Sort of. I need this next week off, but then I’d like to get back to having work, please. This year went out with a whimper for me. I had one last official thing that first got split into two separate days (yay, this means 2 four hour calls instead of one) and then the first half got moved to a time I couldn’t do, but they still paid me because the decision came so late (yay), and then the second half got changed to TBD, and I guess it was never D? At least, not that I heard. I could have spent the last two days at the shop deprepping and putting everything away, but I decided against it. Maybe a bad choice, but I’m still sick. I went from terrible sore throat and fever dreams (but no fever, odd) to very tired but maybe on the mend with a slight sore throat to lots of coughing and some sneezing and lots of nose blowing. That’s where I am now, and I just didn’t feel like being that at work.

So instead, yesterday John and I went on a few errands and on a whim went to B&N. He found some book or other, and I found a giant book of Audubon’s drawings, marked down to 20 bucks. Clearly, a must have. The prints are gorgeous, and I’m thinking I should have bought two because I just want to slice out pages and frame them. Our total sounded a little low, even with John’s employee discount, and sure enough when I checked, the bird book was 3 dollars. THREE. I should have taken all of the copies.

Perhaps this book will inspire me to expand and improve on my sketching repertoire. The other day while waiting for class to start I drew this on my desk (shhhhh, I know I’m too old for that, but come on. What else does one do when bored? They made the surface perfect for it)


The problem/good thing about desk surfaces is that they’re hard to erase, so you have to stick with what you’ve done. I realized halfway through the body that the head was now too small, so I just gave it stilt legs. I’m also not sure what’s going on with its tail, but that is neither here nor there.


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