Into the unknown. And back to work.

The last few days have been packed with school and work. I haven’t been this busy in a while and it’s been a little hard to adapt. Right now I’m waiting for the bus to NJ for more work. Yay money, boo losing a day of writing and studying.
The exciting bit of the week has been figuring out my unknown in microbiology. I know I’m a huge nerd for saying this, but it’s been so exciting! We all picked out a labeled broth tube-I went with 14C, and started doing tests to determine the bacterias genus and species. I’m 90% sure I have Micrococcus roseus but I’m waiting on a couple more tests to be completely sure. But, I had distinctly gram positive (purple, after a staining process) cocci (balls) in clusters with a few tetrads here and there. My colony had a vaguely pinkish blush to it, it produced bubbles when doused with hydrogen peroxide, but best of all when I did a motility test I saw little clear bunches of dancing grapes. It’s been a fun time. It’s also been made a lot easier because they gave us a list of all the possible ones, so you just eliminate a bunch with your gram test (that got me from 27 down to 7) and then keep looking up differences between what you have left and figure out what tests differentiate them.
I’ve also been applying to summer programs and schools like crazy. My micro teacher wrote me a letter of recommendation that is just… Holy wow. I should be able to get into anything based on that alone. We’ll see how it goes, but I’m pretty hopeful. It made me blush, it was so nice. And I’ve earned it, I think, but seeing that someone else sees and appreciates my effort and enthusiasm and having it all on paper is a pretty big boost. I might print it out and read it whenever I feel discouraged.
So, not outside as much as I’d like, partially because of being busy (though I did work outside for 9 hours the other day) and partially because New York has finally kicked in to real winter cold, but still getting to do things and explore, just this time in the microscopic world.


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