Little cat feet

When I left for school this morning, it was snowing lightly, and I found cat tracks! I know. But, tracking was my favorite part of Namibia, and it’s not something I get to practice in New York so much. So, seeing cat tracks in fresh snow cheered me up a lot. Enough so that I forgot to take a picture. Whoops.
I had this big grand plan about resurrecting my raccoon project this year, really going for it, visiting the park every day with binoculars and camera and mapping the park and everything. Then the seasonal depression hit even more, and that kind of sank. I’m starting to revive and pull myself out of the slump, but it’s rough. I just want to sleep all the time and since sleep is nice, that’s a hard thing to buck. This morning with the snow reminded me that I still want to get up and go wander around in the woods, even with my cozy cozy bed. Maybe tomorrow afternoon I’ll go check out the park and get started on mapping it. I found an app that does tracks and can export to my GIS program. Fingers crossed that I can figure all that out.


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